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[Update] Jinchuriki Awakening


Greetings Shinobies

Today we will inform you the basic of our new feature, Jinchuriki Awakening. Simply put, Jinchuriki Awakening is similar to Occult Technique and Taboo Jutsu. You must gather materials which will be used to craft a Jinchuriki skills. Here is how you gather the material

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You can choose either to spend silvers for single exploration or gold/coupons for bulk exploration. If you ran out of Exploration, you can disassemble your mats for Piece Dust and use them to buy card

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The materials you get come in 4 types,

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20151012143050Green ,Unnamed QQ Screenshot20151012143434Blue ,Unnamed QQ Screenshot20151012143457Purple and Unnamed QQ Screenshot20151012143529Orange.

When you have enough mats you can craft them into Jinchuriki skill on the synthesize section

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The skills are divided into 2 type and 4 tier.


The types are Normal Jinchuriki Skills which consist of the following:

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The other types are the Special Jinchuriki skills which consist of the following

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While the tier consist of Basic, Advance, Epic and Legendary

Sometimes when you did bulk explore or explore you can also get a Basic/Advance Jinchuriki Skill or Basic/Advance Special Jinchuriki skills

Once you have your skill you can equip it to your Ninjas, similar to Occult Technique but now all of your ninja can equip it! (imagine Indra Sasuke with + 30,000 Speed)

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