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Sage’s Heirloom


Greetings Shinobies

We’ve recently gain permission for you guys to start training on Sage’s training ground. During your time their, you can get various items that serve as material to create accessories for reincarnated character. And these accessories are better than the one from the crusade.

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So first of all there are several stages on the training ground. These stages are one time clear stages, so clear it once then you can go auto battle after it. You can also reset the clearance by paying golds (so you can auto battle again, the stage remain as ‘cleared’ even after reset)

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Each stage completion will grant you materials for forging accessories, silvers and exp even in auto battle.

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Once you have enough materials, you can start forging your own accessories.

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you can also fortify your Hermit accessories or even upgrade them later on to Chaos accessories

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