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New Update Version April 2015


On this April Anime Ninja will update some feature to help you to be the Strongest Ninja in the World. There is Some New Function on this Update it was Legend of Oracle, Transfer Vitality and Full Screen Mode. We also add New Function for Beast and add more stages for Top Kagein the end we also optimize and fixing some function.

Legend Of Oracle Icon

Legend Of Oracle

Challenge Hermits and the Oracle Instance to receive Forging Materials and Epic Gear Shards. Use materials and shards to Forge Epic Reincarnation Gear for corresponding parts.

Forge Oracle

Points received by clearing stages can be used to redeem for Epic Gear Shards. The more difficult the instance is, the more points you can get.

Legend Of Oracle Level

Each Instance Level can be challenged once daily. Level up the Kaguya Power to receive extra chances to reset instances.

Claim Vitality

Added the feature of Send Vitality among friends, each player can send or receive vitality many times (upper limit 250).

Full Screen Logo

Full Screen An

Press Full Screen Button then you can enter Full Screen Mode, press Esc to exit.

Foster Leap

Added Foster Leap Feature, players can use multiple Leap Rune Stones to raise Spiritual Beast.

Mystical Shadow

New Top Kage

Added 3 Boss in Top Kages.
New stages can net you Colorful Soul.

Ninja Star

Added 3 new Ninja Star Map. Clear stage of corresponding Boss to light up the Ninja Star and spend colorful soul to activate the newly added Ninja Star.

Daily Sign In

Added Accumulative Sign-in function, players can get Sign-in rewards according to player‘s monthly Accumulative Sign-in, VIP Level and Kaguya Power Level.

In this update we will optimized :

- Optimized the page redirecting problem when staying online to expand slot in the backpack;
- Optimized the description of the bag expansion, corrected wrong spellings;
- Optimized the daily available gift pack to buy and added a halo to show players;
- Optimized the Sort feature in Bag, added a countdown time for the next Sort;
- Optimized the VIP function page;
- Optimized the tip button of Forbidden Jutsu Lab in Formation, added all allies’ attribute;
- Optimized the equipment enchantment page. Display the current effective spar strikingly; if there is no corresponding spar, purchase button will show up;
- Optimized the function of scrolling down Benefit details in Kaguya Power;
- Optimized the event title display, the expired title will disappear from the list;
- Optimized the display problem when the Forbidden Jutsu Lab reaches the highest level.
- Optimized the VIP benefit description(“Treasure Hunt” is changed to one-click to light up Daimyo Tomb);
- Optimized the attribute display of spiritual beast, the attribute in 5 digits can be completely displayed;
- Optimized the Devour function in Spiritual Beast and added a tip to confirm;
- Optimized Inherit equipment, added a tip that equipment cannot be inherited when the amount of socket slot is different;
- Optimized the reward of Treasure Map;
- Optimized the Jade Exchange function in Forbidden Jutsu Lab, added a sub prompt tip of exchanging amount;
- Optimized the function of bulk open more than 10 boxes with merged number showed;
- Optimized the tip in Kaguya Power status, separate Expired and level too low;
- Optimized the spiritual beast practice, added the Max tip when practice summoning in different phases;

In this update we will fixed :

- Fixed the characters missing problem of the auto challenge in plain stages;
- Fixed the problem in Summon that random number appears in the Refine referral;
- Fixed the problem that EXP bar shows as -1 after Forbidden Jutsu reaches the full level;
- Fixed the problem that the attribute of Lv. 140 equipment is lower than that of Lv. 130 equipment;
- Fixed the problem that spiritual beast cannot increase speed;
- Fixed the problem that the skill tips in Team cannot update in time after reincarnation;
- Fixed the display problem that the EXP bar of the main char doesn’t fill up from the left;
- Fixed the problem that the gold consumption tip won’t show up even if one doesn’t click “Don’t remind me again” button (Finish now in Daily Task);
- Fixed the problem that the attributes of spiritual beast showing in ninja team and in the Spiritual Beast page are in wrong sequence;
- Fixed the wrong special effects of Danzo in Mount Myoboku and Forbidden Jutsu Lab;
- Fixed the wrong special effects of Namikaze Minato in Samsara Land;
- Fixed the problem that 0 can be input when selling items;
- Fixed the problem that multiple S Weapons can be selected when S Weapon reach the highest level;
- Fixed the problem in Fortify page that the selected box disappears when click the selected equipment again;
- Fixed the problem that the vanguard models in Trial don’t disappear after they die;
Fixed the problem that Nii Yugito’s evaluation reduces after reincarnation;
- Fixed the lag after battle completion;
- Fixed the tip when failed to connect the game;
- Fixed the wrong description in Kaguya Power;
- Fixed the error that Timely Shower skill doesn’t function properly in certain situation;
- Fixed the Add Friend button in Blacklist;
- Fixed the display error of the level requirement in Treasure Map’s Proof Transfer;

In this update we will update :

- Updated a tip to claim the daily benefit pack in Kaguya Power;
- Updated CD time in Beast Event;
- Updated new completion condition in the Slave, complete after catching 3 slaves;
- Updated a level intro. in the upper right question mark in Samsara Land and Forbidden Jutsu Lab;
- Updated auto challenge in Samsara Land;
- Updated the tip of lava consumption when lacking materials in Accessories Fortify;
- Updated a tip of the daily prestige consumption after players reach ShadowFang;
- Updated a button to Remove all in the Jades page;
- Updated a tip that don’t play animation when practicing chakra;
- Updated rage boost in Summon Beast;
- Updated a tip of no silver will be returned when rage jaken fail;
- Updated a halo tip when players have enough materials to forge equipment in Fortify page;
- Updated a tip of Evolution rate when choosing Evolution Scrolls, scrolls cannot be used when the spiritual beast cannot not evolve to corresponding quality;
- Updated regional auto combat in Realm;
- Updated the specific effect of the mysterious ninja’s attribute in Ninja Bond;
- Updated a tip in Refine equipment;
- Updated Enchant spars can only buy once;
- Updated that the reincarnation boss page won’t be redirected after the stage of the last boss before reincarnation is cleared;
- Updated that the Kaguya Power page in Mall will display after Kaguya Power function is activated;