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New Update Samsara Land

Greetings Shinobies!

Anime Ninja has now launched the New Update: Samsara Land, you can follow these steps to get a challenge in Samsara Land!

The Samsara Land unlocks after Main reaches Level 100 . Now you can fight once a Day, on one of the three Challenges for Samsara Stones. With Samsara Stones you can Upgrade your Attributes in Rinne Six Path. If you Complete a Challenge, you can Spin the Wheel of Fate once.

There are some regulation in the Samsara Land feature:

- Main character reaching level 100 will activate Samsara Land
- Players can only choose one level of difficulty to challenge every day, once entering the battle, players will not be able to change difficulty level.
- After completing one level of difficulty of Samsara Land, players can spin the wheel of Fate once to boost their protagonist’s attribute permanently.
-The higher the difficulty of Samsara Land you challenge, the more Samsara Stones you will receive.
- Reanimation Realm unlocks when the character reaches RI-2. Reanimation Stones are dropped from Reanimation Realm Stages.
- Reanimation Stones are used for upgrading Six-Path Rebirth II (it unlocks only when the Six-Path Rebirth reaches the level limit).

In normal challenge, you will face some famous Shinobies like Kurenai Yuuhi and even Third Raikage himself

in scary challenge, mizukage, Terumi Mei will test your strength.Should you win, Senju Hashirama will face you next. Then comes the Akatsuki members

In :Nightmare challenge, the infamous clan killer, Itachi Uchiha awaits you.

Normal Reanimation will pit you against Some of the strongest shinobies ever existed, such as Eight Gates Guy, Shisui the teleporter and even Three Eyes Madara

Itachi wearing santa clothes? it’s far from funny. No, he’s beyond serious in this challenge

Face the descendant of Hamura in Nightmare reanimation challenge. of course you need to pass through Indra and Ashura reincarnation first

Wheel of fate can be spun once a day and only after you clear a challenge. Wheel of fate will grant your main character permanent stat bonus. The stat Bonus obtain is randomly decided through the wheel. `