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New Update Feature March 2015

March Update

For this March Anime Ninja will update some feature to help you to be the Greatest Ninja in the World. There is New Feature for Spiritual Beast, it was “Training” and “Devour”. We also add new stages for Mount Myoboku and optimize also fixing some function.

Spiritual Beast Practice Summoning

New Function – Spiritual Beast Training, as we know there is Raise and Evolve function in Spiritual Beast Window. But now we added another function to make your Spirit Beast more powerful and stronger.

Spiritual Beast Training, you can find this function on Tab 5 on Spiritual Beast Window, as you can see there is Spiritual Beast status, like HP, PATK, SATK, PDEF, SDEF, and Speed. There is 5 method that you can use to Train your Spiritual Beast ( You can use Silver and Gold ), each method give different point, you can feel this the difference, after 40-50 Training.

Spiritual Beast Devour

New Function – Spiritual Beast Training, as we know there is Raise and Evolve function in Spiritual Beast Window. But now we added another function to make your Spirit Beast more powerful and stronger.

Spiritual Beast Devour, this function actually similar to the EXP Inherit on the character. But in this case when you using this function, the pet who you want to devour will be remove. Not like EXP Inherit, you will only losing EXP from character but in this case you will also losing the Spirit Beast.

Mount Myoboku Update new

As we know if you want to use this function you need to reach Level 80. With this feature you can learn New Power, called Senjutsu. It was different with Taijutsu or Ninjutsu, with this Feature you can increase your Battle Point more greater.

In this update you can find New Place to Learn Senjutsu, we already open New Stages of Mount Myoboku, you can increase you Battle Point everyday and there was few different Training Method you can choose :

1. Silver Training : You can training max 5 times each day
2. Gold Training : You can training max 50 times each day
3. Adv Gold Training : You can directly training 20 times on single click
4. Deity Training : You can train as many as you can ( Using Fairy Stone )

Mount Myoboku Update new senjutsu practise

Optimizing and BUG Fixing

1.Fixed the issue that Jinchuriki’s aid rate is not increased after reaching 8-tail Lv.8.
2.Character data will be deleted if the character level is under Lv.35 and has not been logged in for over 30 days.
3.Fixed White Coat Cursed Sasuke’s skill bug.
4.Fixed the monster resource bug in the Forbidden Jutsu of Pneuma, stage 17.
5.Fixed the Ninja Crusade battle background bug.
6.Fixed the white screen issue while loading.
7.Fixed the bug that when the function expires, players can still enjoy the Kaguya Power benefit.
8.Fixed the double character growth bug that appears after the second reincarnation.
9.Fixed the bug that appears when players are upgrading an upgradable artifact.
10.Fixed the bug that when a character gains a Reincarnation Skill, the Skill is not changed into the next one in the Reincarnation panel.
11.Fixed the issue of the stuck synthesis interface as a result of the use of jade synthesis.
12.Optimized the loading mechanism for the Suppress Beasts and Rebeller’s Attack battles. The loading speed is now much faster.
13.Optimized the bag reading speed.
14.Added a soul tip on the soul number, describing the soul function and recruitment place.
15.Added a practice attempts selection.
16.Added a display of the remaining Soul Refining Pills to the pop-up window of the summoned beast soul refining.
17.Optimized the selling items. Players can now select the amount for selling items.
18.Added an Auto button to the Elite Match (bind the monthly card or VIP level). It’ll stop if you fail the match.
19.Increased the max Activity purchase chances.
20.Optimized the type of ninja souls obtained after dismissing red ninjas in the tavern (Changed it into obtaining red souls).
21.Increased the level cap of Suppress Beasts to Lv.220, and raised HP and attributes.
22.Increased monsters HP in the Rebeller’s Attack event.
Note: We have optimized various small features and bugs. We hope you have a happy gaming experience!