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[Guide] Kaguya Power

Greetings Shinobies

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Today we’re going to give you a guide about our latest feature, Kaguya Power. Kaguya Power is a feature similar with VIP but at the same time it’s not. By using Kaguya’s power (you can get a free daily use of it though only for limited time) you can gain some stat boost, partial cool down removal and most important, a special shop.

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Kaguya power shop will over you some useful items that can be bought using coupons (or gold if you don’t have any coupons left). They also offer you several packs that available once a day, so try to get them if possible.

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Like VIP, Kaguya Power also has level. But unlike VIP, you can increase kaguya VIP not only by using gold but also some other various means:

      1. The easiest and the fastest way is to increase your kaguya power duration. You may have to pay gold for this one but considering the benefit you get, it’s not a bad deal.

kaguya window 3
Note: There is a maximum limit of Kaguya Power duration, which is 1080 days.

    1. Completing daily task
    2. Log in to the game
    3. Use coupons or gold (there is a limit for this, the limit increase as the kaguya power increase)

Once you increase your kaguya power level, you can enjoy even more benefit, like purchase-able  extra Ninja crusade, stage exp bonus from stage/map battle and gold discount when you use gold for fortify, S forging or even adv forging.

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