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A Simple Sneak Peak for The Upcoming Updates!

Dear Shinobies,

Many of you have been asking “When will you update?” “Is there an update?” “Will there be any updates”. We got the answer, its “Yes!” “Yes! and “Yes!” We will be having a version update and here are the sneak peek for you!

1. Additional Features:
- The Jackpot God’s Tree:
Requirements: Guild Lvl. 5
Short Description:
The higher the God’s Tree, the greater the rewards.
Every Guild Members can harvest the Mysterious Fruits, every member can only harvest each type of fruit once. After the fruit has been harvested, it will disappear and replaced with a new one.
The Fruit can only be harvested when they’re ripe.
Fruit will automatically evolve, if its not harvested and exceeds evolution countdown.
Once it evolved, it will increase its level by 1 and will be replaced with a random type of fruid.

- Forbidden Jutsu Laboratory
Requirements: Protagonist Level 5.
Short Description:
Challenge doesnt consume Vitality, and every successful challenge will get 1 Small Checkpoint Reward.
Every floor has 5 Checkpoints, every checkpoints cleared will give you a reward, Player has 5 times Gold Research everyday
Allows you to upgrade your assaulters,vanguards and supports, to increase their survivability.

- Newbie / Novice God Armor
Short Description:
Now, all of shinobies able to purchase a Newbie / Novice God Armor with level requirements of 20.

- Hokage’s Help
Short Description:
Added a feature to help players learn about the game faster and better

- New Ninja Title:
Short Description:
Added a New Title for Shinobies with higher level than ANBU.

- Modified Recruitment Proofs / Materials
Shinobies now can trade their Materials with the New Recruitment Proofs!

2. Optimization:
- Fixed bugs and translation errors