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World Cup Event

Dear Shinobi,

To celebrate World Cup 2014, we would like to give you a huge event,  in this event, all of you Shinobies will have the chance to get a Gedo Mazo amount of Coupons.

1. Anime Ninja Team will create a thread in PlayWebGame Forum.
2. Guess your Top 16 Team in the Format that we provided.
3. Players have to submit their guess by replying our specified Forum Thread. Along with their IGN & Server.
4. Participants have to submit it within 24×5 hours.
5. Super Moderator – Joan Arc posts in the thread marks that the registration period has ended, and other submission submitted after Joan’s post will not be counted.
6. Thread will be locked also.
7. Winners that guess the top 16 Correctly will share 20000 Coupons.
8. Results will be broadcasted throughout all servers ingame.
9. Winners Name will be put in the Series 1 of World Cup Event in Website News.
10. Winners Name will be broadcasted in the Forum.