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Welcome to Official Website Anime Ninja !!!

Anime Ninja, web based game with MMORPG genre, with storyline, ability, character and environment raised from Naruto series, will give you, Naruto Lovers, opportunity to feel sensation the real Naruto World! Many years ago, there are a very strong and sly giant, Kurama a nine tail fox, attacked Konoha village and killed many population in there. To stop that tragedic, Konoha leader, 4th Hokage, sacrificed him self and succeed capture a fox into a baby boy body named Naruto Uzumaki. However ,even the fox already being sealed, it did not erase the crisis on the village. The bigger conspiration was begin started. But, as a Ninja, you can’t face all alone because they are more stronger than you. So, gather your friend and defeat the enemies. Be a strongest ninja on Ninja Online!

Anime Ninja,

Live your way of Ninja!

*Coming Soon*