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[Update] October Update

Greetings Shinobies

We know you have been waiting for this, so soon we’re going to update and fix some stuff this October, here’s the list of some new stuff and fixes::

New Function Description:

1. Samsara Land:

Function Description:

  •  Players can only choose one level of difficulty to challenge every day, once entering the battle, players will not be able to change difficulty level
  •    After completing one level of difficulty of Samsara Land, players can spin the Wheel of Fate once to boost their protagonist’s attribute permanently
  •   The higher the difficulty of Samsara Land you challenge, the more Samsara Stones you will receive

2. New Ninjas are coming!

  • Red Ninja Soul exchanging is opened, the Ninjas available are:: 4th Kazekage, Kinkaku, Niiyugito, Jinpachi Munashi, Ringo Ameyuri, Hozuki Mangetsu can be exchanged with Red Ninja Soul in the Tavern.
  • New Ninja can be recruited in Top Stone Shop of Elite Match: The second Tsuchikage
  • New Ninjas can be recruited in Tournament: Haku Cursed Seal Sasuke, Sai

3. Some Ninjas are improved!

1. Ninjas’ Attributes are improved:

a) Jinpachi Munashi, Ringo Ameyuri and Hozuki Mangestsu are now Red Ninjas, the growing rate is improved.

b)  Senin Jiraiya is now Red Ninja.

2. Ninjas’ Skills are improved:

a) Hozuki Mangetsu: growing rate is improved to 175%, HP losing effect is changed to 1 round, losing rate is improved to 105%;
b) Fuguki: add fury self-recovery 100 point;
c) Kushimaru Kuriarare: HP losing effect rate is changed to 1 round, losing rate is improved to 90%;
d)  3rd Raikage: aid rate effect is increased to 2 rounds and 65%;
e) Jinin Akebino: Skill target is changed to enemy vanguard, add reducing defense effet;
f)  Jinpachi Munashi: Skill target is changed to enemy vanguard, growing rate is improved to 270%;
g) Sennin Jiraiya: the points of fury recovery is improved to 68;
h) Rock Lee: add fury recovery effect 50 points;
i) Aburame Shino: skill target is changed to enemy support;
j)  Danzo Shimura: add reducing defense effect;


Optimizing and BUG fixing:

a) Making ramen for the first time is free in Ramen Shop

b) Add Auto-Start and Auto-Ready function in Ninja Crusade

c) The level display of Summon Beast is optimized

d)  The reward for Auto Win task in Road to Hokage change to 100 Golden Ninja Soul

e) The reward from Guild Treasure Tree function is optimized to Coupon instead of Gold

f)  The EXP in middle and late period from Master & Slave function is optimized

g) Player can use item to level up Potency

h) Daily VIP Benefit is optimized

i)  Quick Auto Card can be sold

j)   New function EXP Inherit in Team Info is added, some Ninjas’EXP can be inherited.


Note: We’ll also make many small optimizing and bug fixing