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[Update] Fixing Bugs and Optimization


Hi shinobies,

today we will doing maintenance for a while to do update optimization tomorrow 15:00

please do not put your item carelessly

this is an update list for today:

  1. Optimized the Max Raise in Leap All, Gold calculation will change instantly when switching ways to leap;
  2. Added a tip in the introduction of Cumulative Check-in: cumulative check-in will be reset after server merging;
  3. Set the highest limit (850 points) in Tournament;
  4. Expanded Sukura’s Tutorial to 100 questions;
  5. Increase the EXP gained by spending Gold in Ninja Bond (150 Exp changed to 600 Exp gained per 10 Gold);
  6. In Ninja Bond, the Ninja team attributes also increases Strategy ATK;
  7. Added the rewards issuing time in Elite Match introduction;
  8. Added a spending tip for Gold Donate in Guild;
  9. Optimized Refine All in Summon Beast: the Max value is base on Refine Pills not by Gold amount;
  10. Optimized the vacancy display in Elite Match when players registered for EM are less than 18;
  11. Optimized the page redirect of Potency and S weapon in Team;
  12. Optimized the display of the EXP bar when players reach Lv. 150, 1R 50 and 2R 50;
  13. The default value for Bulk Boost will be set to 50 times when opening the Summon Beast page;
  14. Added a tip introduction for Complete Now in Daily Task;
  15. Added a halo tip when the Daily Task isn’t completed;
  16. Added the display function to show the EXP gained and silver returned after One-click practice Chakra;
  17. Added a introduction in Arena that ranking rewards of players above VIP 4 will be sent out via in-game email;
  18. Optimized the ranking rewards in Arena;
  19. Fixed the attribute display error of the next level after the Forbidden Jutsu reaches full level;
  20. Fixed the character display error (Genjutsu changed to Taijutsu) in Treasure Map after Reincarnation;
  21. Fixed the bug that the halo doesn’t disappear after auto challenge in Samsara Land;
  22. Fixed the bug that auto challenge in Realm doesn’t count in Daily Task;

Note: We have optimized various small features and bugs. We hope you have a happy gaming experience!