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Tutorial Register Play Web Game (PWG) ID

Hello Shinobi! Welcome to our Konoha Village, are you ready to play Anime Ninja? Pretty sure you are very excited now to join us on the Ninja’s journey, but before you start to play the game, there is some information that you need to know, which is how to register a new Play Web Game (PWG) ID.

Let’s check it out! What is Play Web Game (PWG) ID? And why we must have it? PWG ID is an ID that you need to use to play Anime Ninja and also to do the top up. This ID will also be used by our team to process the report from all of our player.

That is the reason why you should remember the ID that you have once created. How to make PWG ID? Let us show you how to do the registration process,

Hereby is the tutorial :

Go to http://ninja.playwebgame.com and Click Register

Register Anime Ninja - The best Naruto Online Game

You will directed to the register page which contains the Registration Box. Please fill it with your Valid Information, And after you finish entering all the information click the red button “PLAY NOW”,

Anime Ninja Registration 2 - Naruto Online Game

Congratulations ! Now you can go to conquer the Naruto World ! Play With Friends and enjoy the game !!