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Top Kages Guide by BlueSpades

Greetings Shinobies

Today we will be looking at guide made by one of our contributors, BlueSpades. The guide is how to pass the Top Kages for new player. So without further ado, here you go

Top Kage Unlocks at lvl 70 and you can find it in your Functions tab here :

“But Spades why should i bother with top kage? It’s just so confusing >_>”

Why you should do Top Kage :

  • Kage souls ( increases your stats by a ton )
  • Kage souls
  • Kage souls
  • Oh and can you guess this last reason?

Kage souls are very important in making your ninja more powerful, however it takes some time to gather them.
After you beat any Stage in a kage fight you get some souls for winning, but you cannot use the souls till you have beaten all 3 stages of the kage fight itself.

Example : If you beat 2 stages of Kazekage and you now have some kazekage souls, but you have to beat that 3rd stage to be able to use them on kazekage stars. ( Note : No Kage fight is easy, they are all really hard and you should be either really strong or higher level then them to hope to win )

Stages of a Kage fight :

  • Stage 1 = It’s a 1v1 fight, you get to pick one of your ninjas to fight a normal pve mob and if you win your entire team gets +50 fury for the 2nd part of the stage which is a team fight vs normal mobs if you lose the 1v1 the enemy team gets +50 fury instead, so i would suggest just keep trying till you win. Each try win or lost counts as 1 try that also applys to the 2nd part of the stage so minimum trys you can use to beat a Stage is 2 ( he’s pretty strong though, you normally want to pick Itachi for these fights, or White Sauske, or someone who can be both tanky and deal substantial damage



All Kage fights have 3 stages not just Hokage 

  • Stage 2 = same as stage 1, a 1v1 fight then a team fight against normal mobs ( Stage 2 is much harder then a Stage 1 )
  • Stage 3 = It’s a 1v1 fight against the Kage, so if you are on Kazekage it’s a 1v1 fight against Gaara, then if you win or lose same rules apply as they did to Stage 1+2 win = +50 fury, lose = +50 fury to enemys then you move on to 2nd part of Stage 3 which is a teamfight against normal mobs and the Kage itself in the mix, this is the last stage you need to beat so you can use those brand new shiny souls for Kage Stars.
  • Once you win all 3 Stages, not only do you get to use Kage souls now you don’t ever have to beat them again, and you can get 10 free kage souls per day from them at the Practice icon!!!
  • You can also spend 220 gold after your free practice to do 10x practice and get some more souls, depending on your VIP level depends on how many times you can do this ( think of it like ramen or chakra practice ) also each time you do this the next one cost more ( so if i did it once and spent 220 gold then did it again it would cost more then 220 gold and so on and so forth you can also just do 1 at a time instead of 10x just like Chakra each try cost 10g )

“But Spades if failing and winning cost 1 try each how many times can i try till i end up rage quitting?”
Number of tries you can attempt ::

  • VIP 1 = 3 tries

  • VIP 2 = 6 tries

  • VIP 3 = 10 tries

  • VIP 4 = 12 tries

  • VIP 5 = 14 tries

  • VIP 6 = 20 tries

  • VIP 7 = 40 tries

  • VIP 8 = 60 tries

  • VIP 9 = 120 tries

  • VIP 10 = 200 tries

Now on to Kage soul stats!

There are 6 stars in total for each Kage, and once you unlock the 6th star you get bonus stats that are shown in the middle the pictures below will show you 2 things : the Top picture is the bonus stats you get for having all 6 stars, the Bottom picture will be the total stats all 6 stars give you in total. 

In total it’s 1,800 souls for all 6 stars

In total it’s 2,400 souls for all 6 stars

In total it’s 3,200 souls for all 6 stars.

In total it’s 4,320 Souls to unlock all 6 Stars

“So now i have all these souls, however spades i also have this odd soul called Colorful Souls wth is that?”

Colorful Souls :


  • Colorful souls are a soul that can be used as Any soul ( think of it like a Wild card in UNO )
  • Example : Let’s say you have 1,700 Kazekage souls and 100 colorful souls those 100 colorful souls can be counted as 100 Kazekage souls so now you have 1,800 Kazekage souls or you can use those colorful souls for another Kage star count.

​ Ways to get Colorful souls :

1. Elite Match Rank

2. Ninja Clash Rank

3. Various Topup Events

This is where your Colorful stars are located so you know how many you have

“Omg this is so awesome but wait Spades, i just dumped all my souls into Useless Kakashi but now i have a much better and cooler Itachi did i just waste all my souls? do i need to cry?”

The Magical Wonder is the Star Exchange :3

  • Star Exchange will let you transfer stars for free and no risk between ninjas however the drawback is you can’t just exchange specific stars So say i have a ninja with 4/6 4/6 and 1/6 stars i cannot just transfer one of those 4/6 to another ninja and keep the others they all have to go.
  • Example :

My Stars on Obito before Exchange

After the Exchange Edo Madara would now have all the stars Obito had
You can exchange stars as much as you want as many times as you want for free and no risk