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The Ultimate Benefit of Becoming a VIP


Hi Shinobies

Did you know that there are rules that needs to be followed by every single ninja in the Ninja World? Below are the Rules of Shinobi and what Anime Ninja think of about the rules:

“A shinobi must always put the mission first.”,
Putting the mission as our main and top priority is the key to success of every mission, a strong but unfocused shinobi might ended up on failing at the mission, such as assassinating, and such, and results in retaliation from the enemy.

“A shinobi must never show their tears.”
Showing your tears, as a Shinobi, means you are breaking the important point of being a Shinobi itself, a Shinobi should put aside all of their emotions and feelings, as being a Shinobi sometimes requires us to kill our most important ones, just like what Itachi Uchiha did.

“A shinobi must see the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings.”
The ability to see the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings means a shinobi should be able to analyze a situation, get a result, and analyze further using that result. Or we can simply say, if someone creates a plan, we create two, if someone creates two plans, we create four, and if someone creates four, we create eight. And so on.

“A shinobi must follow their commander’s instructions.”
Following the Commander’s Instructions is already a top rule of a Ninja Team, a team that refuses to follow their Commander’s Instructions can be considered a deserter and a traitor. A team should be well organized, because if one member of the team refuses to follow the instructions, it may creates confusion and unstability in the team itself, and it will definitely put the team in danger.

“A shinobi must prepare before it is too late to.”
A Shinobi have to prepare for everything, even for the worst. Thats why a Shinobi should be able to see hidden meanings within hidden meanings. A good analysis would give you information about what should be prepared and what shouldnt, this will give you a more effective preparation instead of carrying all things without knowing the exact purpose.
Putting a Kunai under your pillow would still be a good idea.

“A shinobi must never show any weakness.”
Showing your weakness gives our opponent greater winning chance, once our opponent knows what our weaknesses is, they would take advantage of it. No matter how strong we are, once the enemy knows our weakness, we are not going to win a fight.

The last rules of shinobi is

“A Shinobi have to be faster than wind”
Being fast is the most important thing above all rules as a ninja, a slow ninja would only ended up killed by the enemy or even by nature. Being fast does not mean you have to run faster, but fast in Ninja World means you have to be able to analyze fast, think fast, act fast, and learn fast. All of this can be gained easily if you become a VIP.

VIP Gives you great benefits such as the ability to skip battle which is definitely fasten your level up progress, you can also boost up your vitality to double up your level up progress. There are also many other benefits like learning the market system which gives you the ability to purchase things cheaper in the shop. There are many other things you can gain from becoming a VIP.

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