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Anime Ninja The Great Shinobi War !!

Hi, Shinobies!!!

As form of our appreciation to shinobies that have worked hard together to build Anime Ninja community, we will give you an this Amazing Event as a reward!!

The battle has just begun!!
Prepare yourself to join in the biggest war in Anime Ninja.
Want to know how to join in The Great Shinobi War?

Okay, here’s the rules:

1. In this fight, all Elite Shinobies above level 72 are allowed to participate in Great Shinobi War

2. Only Elite Shinobies in S1 – S28 are allowed to participate in te war

3. Registration time for this Event is within 5:30-24:00 GMT +8, and you can participate the event on the next day at 12:00-22:00 GMT+8

4. VIP8 and higher players are able to automatically register to this event daily at 24:00 GMT +8 (if you fail to start the challenge within 3 days, you will be disqualified)

5. In The Great Shinobi War, Victorious Shinobi can earn points , when defeated you can also get a small amount of points

6. Daily Free Challenge Times is 18 times, and the Maximum Number of Challenge is 30 Times

7. Defeat your opponent to get “Challenges Order”, that can be used to challenge your next opponents

8. Use “Super Challenge Function” to challenge Advanced Ninja, defeat them and get massive points.

9. The 1st day of the Event, you will be divided into 7 groups based on your ninja’s combat power: Top, Kage, ANBU, Jounin , Chunin, Genin , & Novice

10. On the next day of the event, players will be ranked according to Elite Fight points (if player did not sign up the first day, the initial points is zero (0) )

11. When the groups is higher, the more Challenge Order is available for Daily Challenge, Jonin and higher group also have the access to Cross – Server War Title

12. The Great Shinobi War Event will last for a month, Everyday some amounts of Colorful Soul will be distributed according to the Shinobi’s grade number

13. At the end of each Event, Colorful Soul will be released according to the Shinobi’s grade, rank and challenge order reward

14. The peak rare stone could be exchanged with Challenge Order to recruit SSS level ninja! After the end of the Event, the challenge order and the peak stone can still be redeemed and will be accumulated in the next Event.

15. Any Regulations can be changed without further notice or announcement before it, please always check this news for further updates.

This week, you will have enough time to prepare yourself for the next Great Shinobi War. Grab your gears, train hard, and prepare for war!

So do your best to become one of the best in this 1st Great Shinobi War!!

Who will be entitled the Strongest Shinobi of all time ?

Note: Good News!!! All servers now can join the Tournament!!!