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The Five Tailed Beast

Greetings Shinobi

Today i’ve found some interesting information regarding the Five Tails. To be honest, any information regarding five tails seems to be missing just like the three tails… Anyway, The five tails  seems to be a quiet and reserved individual. Though it does not speak much, he prefer to use the rather old-fashioned “watakushi” (私) when referring to itself, causing it to come across as very polite. It also has pride as a tailed beast, and will not allow some unknown Shinobies to be his partner.

kokuo chibi

The five tails primarily resembles a white horse while his head resembles dolphin’s head. It has two pointed long horns and three shorter horns in front.

The ends of its horns, hooves, and tails are light brown, with some of the same-coloured spots before the brown areas of its horns and hooves. It also has red markings under its dark blue-green eyes.

The five tails possesses great physical strength and while using its horns in combat, it has shown enough ramming-force to injure the eight tales once, and knock him at a considerable distance away. Five tails is also able to increase the temperature of chakra to its boiling point. This ability forms the basis of what is referred to as “steam-based ninjutsu” granting itself, or its jinchūriki overwhelming physical strength. When in use, this ability causes the jinchūriki to emit copious amounts of steam from their body.

Its willpower also seemed to be incredibly strong, as it was the only tailed beast who was able to break free, albeit temporarily, of any kind of control from shinobies and turn against them