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The Demon Gate – Rashomon

Hello Shinobies!

Have you heard about our latest server the S102 Rashomon?
Did you even know what a Rashomon is?

Rashomon was actually a Main Gate that can be found in Old Kyoto, with the shape of a huge demonic face carved on the gate itself. This gate was also used by one of the three legendary sannin, Orochimaru. during his fight against Akamaru and Kiba, this Rashomon was once believed as Orochimaru’s strongest defensive jutsu.

There were many kinds of Rashomon in Naruto series, such as Triple Rashomon which summons 3 Rashomons at the same time in a line and Quintuple Rashomon which summons 5 Rashomons at the same time in a line.

This time, we have decided to launch Rashomon as the 102nd Servers in Anime Ninja?


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