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Surprise Sale

AN-insidenews-event-General-NEW-EVENT-Jan-2017 Greetings Shinobies

We’re going to have a surprise sale for this weekend. Surprise sale is where the item you can get is a bit hidden. Don’t worry we will give clues as what item you will get and it’s definitely worth the price.

And here are the rules

  • Top up 250 Gold within event time period.
  • Event period is 31 August 20.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 4 September 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  • Players can only get item ONCE
  • Claim your bonus here

1st Item

Available on 31 Agustus 2017 20.00 – 2 September 2017 19.59 (game server time)

7 Boxes, all yellow colored, inside is same kind of item 

2nd item

Available on 2 September 2017 20.00 – 4 September 19.59 (game server time)

a paper, a rock and a feather?