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Guide Spiritual Beast Training


Today we will give you a guide regarding Spiritual Beast Training on Anime NinjaWhy do you need to use Spiritual Beast Training? Because Spiritual Beasts Training have many benefits if you use them properly, let’s go through them one by one :

As you know Spiritual Beast Training is one of 2 Function who update on this March. May be many of you still confuse to use this function, right? Okay let we explain.

1. This feature will increase your Spiritual Beast Power, beside RAISE, EVOLVE or even DEVOUR ( as you know DEVOUR will merge Experience for one Spiritual Beast to another )

Raise Method

2. There is 5 Raise Method that you can use
a. Using Silver Training ( It will increase silver requirement you need when your spiritual beast training exp increase )
b. Using 20 Gold to have an Advance Method
c. Using 200 Gold to have a Perfect Method
d. Using 10 Gold to have an Enchant Method
e. Using 50 Gold to have a Supreme Method
May be you will find, there is no different using different method. Yup that’s right the Exp that you get for Spirit Beast still same, even when you use different method. But the different method will be help you to find different status when it reach some level.




Watch the picture above, there is different Status when you using different Method. You even may be find - STATUS, it was not bug, it was the part of Training different method will be give different result for - STATUS.
Example : I’m using Silver to training and found - 1200 Speed
But when i’m using Advance Method ( 20 Gold ) i will not find -1200 Speed, may be -10 PATK or will not find - STATUS.

So what we must to do if want to Training but never meet - STATUS.
You can Avoid even NEVER meet – STATUS if you using Perfect Method ( Using 200 Gold ).

This is Example status that you will get if Complete Training ( In This Case AODA ).


You will find bonus stat in the Equip Skill Windows on Spiritual Formation.

So increase your Train your Spiritual Beast to more stronger, it will help you to be the best on the Anime Ninja World