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Special Easter Weekend



Greetings Shinobies

This weekend is a special one since it’s also Easter. And to celebrate Easter, Anime Ninja is going to hold a special weekend event, Surprise Egg!! Inside these eggs lies various items you can get.

And among these items there is 1 special type of item, Ninja Treasure!! The Ninja treasure is a box containing various items and a Ninja Card.

Ninja Card can be redeemed for any event ninjas once you collect 25 of them!! So don’t miss this chance to get this special item!!

Here is the event details

  • Every 100 Gold top up during event duration will give you a chance to open 1 egg
  • Event start from 14th April 11.00 Game Server Time - 19th April 10.59 Game Server Time
  • There are total of 20 eggs you can open. Each egg can only be open once
  • You can open the eggs here:: Surprise Egg