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Shinobi Recharge Ranking


Greetings Shinobies

In addition to our weekend event, this January we will have a Ranking Event!! During this event all you need to do is recharge ANY amount to get ranking point. No mini games or whatsoever and you can use your gold for other things. Simply get ranked in top 5 and you will get reward. Also there is a special reward if you reach certain amount of points!!

So first thing first, Event period is as follow:

10 Jan 2017 (20.00 GMT+8/Game Server Time) 


12 Jan 2017 (20.00 GMT+8/Game Server Time)

And here are the rules and reward list

  1. All players can join this event!!
  2. Each time you top up you will get a point (Every 50 Gold = 1 poin)
  3.  5 Player with most point will be entered into ranking
  4. There is a SPECIAL REWARD for players who acquired certain amount of points.
  5. Event will run starting from 10 Jan 2017 (20.00 GMT+8/Game Server Time) until 12 Jan 2017 (20.00 GMT+8/Game Server Time)
  6. PWG Staff cannot join this event!!
  7. You can check your rank here

Here are the reward you can get:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170110134108

If your point reach 400 Points, you can obtain Angel Konan as bonus



If your point reach 200 point, you will get Lucky Pig as bonus!!