Share Your Ninja

1. Share a screenshot of the best ninja from your formation. (Full Screenshot, includes character information on top left corner)
2. Describe why you think he/she is the best ninja (Description can be related with In Game or Naruto Manga/Anime Storyline), no less than 100 Words.
3. Participants are allowed to edit their screenshot with 3rd Party Software.
4. The Ninja in the screenshot has to be owned by the participants itself.
5. Copying screenshots from other participants will be disqualified.
6. Any screenshots that contains (Battle – Attacking – Skill Cast – Skill Effect – Transformation – Team) as long as it is from In-Game and participants owned the Ninja are allowed.
7. Only Screenshots of Ninja are allowed, Summons, Pets and others doesn’t. Players which mistakenly took and post this screenshot will not be counted and still can participate.
8. Screenshots needs to be posted in the specified thread, containing IGN and Servers.
9. Once Super Moderator – Joan Arc gives notices that the event has ends with a post, then all screenshots after her post wont be counted. With this, the thread also will be locked.