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[Guide] Senjutsu training

Greetings Shinobi


Today we will be looking at Senjutsu Training feature. As you may know, the Senjutsu is a different technique for shinobies aside from Ninjutsu. Unlike ninjutsu which utilized your chakra as source, Senjutsu adds energy that lie dormant in nature and use them while fighting. By praticing senjutsu, you will be able to increase combat capability of your allies and yourself!

So, how do we do the Senjutsu Training? You must reach Lv 80 first also you must complete all the quest and stage until Mount Myoboku, then you can start the Senjutsu Training.


To begin, you must choose which ninja position you want to train, Vanguard, Assault or Support. After choosing the position you have 3 Training options:

  1. First is using the Fairy stones that can be obtained via various mean. The easiest way is to challenge Mount Myoboku Colossus’ guardian.

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  1. Second is by paying certain amount of silvers. Keep in mind that you can only use this training option 5 times a day.
  2. And Finally by paying certain amount of Golds. And if you’re looking for fast training there is an option to train 20x using gold in one go. Also the first 50 training using gold will cost you 20 Golds, after that it will cost even more golds.


By training at Mount Myoboku, you can make your team stronger than before, Also you may choose which position will be your strong point which give you more tactical option and extra edge on your opponent.