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Greetings Shinobies

As you all know and used to, there is a new Ninja every month for Anime Ninja. And the new one Ninja in May is Final Sasuke whom often called as Sasuke the Last or Sasuke TL.

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Final Sasuke is Sasuke Uchiha as he appears during the time where Naruto goes to face Toneri to rescue Hanabi. Still wearing the ragged clothes & cloak he use when during his travel around the shinobi world to prevent anything like Kaguya to ascend or destroy the peace they attain. This is Sasuke’s form of atonement for what he did to his friends in the past.

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While travelling to look out for any information regarding Kaguya, Sasuke also make sure that any threat  to Konoha from outside the village is dealt accordingly. This is the reason why Naruto called Sasuke as ‘Shadow Hokage’, as he protect Konoha from shadow and external threat while Naruto as 7th Hokage protect it from internal problems.

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Stat wise, Sasuke TL poses higher overall base stat and growth rate compared to previous vanguard, Obito Madara. Also Sasuke TL have the highest growth & base stat for HP and Force of all available ninja as of now, boasting a 210,000 base & 21 Growth on HP and 17,000 base & 16.5 growth of Force. Once you put some equipment and jades, he can simply survive long enough to turn around the tide

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Sasuke Is Vanguard Ninja, so naturally you would want him to use Power, Block & Dodge.

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 Chakra jade is definitely not for him since he use Phy Atk. Also due to the fact that his skill will heal himself, you can wait a bit for Agi jade until you more to spare

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Sasuke talent synergize well with his stat. His talent adds massive Boost to his HP and Force by %. In addition, once Sasuke TL enter battle, he will get an extra 60% Hp boost from base HP.He also constantly clear debuffs from himself and have chance to reflect enemy attack with 120% damage.


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Sasuke TL skills dealt 320% damage rate with several additional effect such as:

  • self heal
  • cleanse debuff (support and assaulter)
  • Fury fill (self 50, others 30)
  • debuff (curse 60% chance, reduce aid & punch rate by 30%)
  • Buff (+20% S Atk for support)