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Recruitment Package

AN-insidenews-event-General-NEW-EVENT-Jan-2017 Greetings Shinobies

For those who are new to the game, you would probably want to get stronger ninja as soon as possible. So here something to help you getting the new ninja, recruitment package.

This package is intended for new players to help them recruiting the gold ninja at the tavern. Higher level player can use this package to level up their ninja bond and recruiting ninja from the club

If you’re wondering which tavern Ninja you can get please check tavern guide.

Here are the details on how to get Recruitment package

  • Top up 500 Gold & claim the package within event time period.
  • Package is available for limited time, 6 September 20.00 until 9 September 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  • Players can only get package ONCE
  • Claim your bonus Here

400x Gold Souls & 10x General Recruit Proof

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170616172313gold ninja soul