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R★O★C★K★S – Naruto OST Review

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R★O★C★K★S, performed by Hound Dog, was the first opening in the Japanese version of Part I of the Naruto series. It was replaced by Haruka Kanata in episode 26

Classic Japanese Rock band. They were active since the early 80’s. Their song ROCKS is used as the first opening for the Japanese dub and the uncut English dub of Naruto.


Kohei Otomo

In 1976, Otomo formed HOUND DOG with school friends while attending Tohoku Gakuin University. Debuted in 1980 with album “Welcome To The Rock’n Roll Show” and single “Arashi no Kinyobi”. They enjoyed enormous popularity at live events with light rock’n roll and heavy ballads. In 1985, single “ff (fortissimo)” and album “SPIRITS!” became huge hits. The phrase “Makeru monka (I won’t give in)” became a buzzword of the time. Hits were followed by “Only Love”, “Ambitious”, “BRIDGE” and others. Albums “GOLD” and “BRIDGE” topped the Oricon chart. As for live performances, they made a record of 15days live concert run at Nippon Budokan, continued HIROSHIMA Peace Concert (charity) for 10 years to construct a facility for atomic bomb survivors, etc., with which they were always playing a center role in Japanese rock culture. Celebrated the band’s 25th anniversary in 2005 and held the memorable 50th live concert at Nippon Budokan in September 2006. Otomo himself released a solo album. He also performs in a lot of TV dramas and movies, where he enjoys a high reputation as an actor.

Rōmaji (Full Version)


Owareru youni isoi de iru
Kawai ta mune ga kari tateru no sa
Hito kiwa tsuyoku kagayaku hoshi wa
Ima mo tooku ni aru
Ushinatte yuku motome nagara
Ubawa rete yuku atae nagara
Dare no tame de naku dare no mono de naku
Ore tachi no ima ga

Omoi kasane yume o kasane hibi o kasane
Ase ni mamire namida korae chi o tagi rase

Tatakau koto mo aishi au koto mo
Haruka hikari no ON THE WAY
Ura kitte kita shin ji nagara
Kitsuke te kita inori nagara
Dare no koto de naku dare no sei de naku
Ore tachi no ima wo
Itami hodoki kokoro hodoki kage o hodoki
Iki o tsunete hashiri nukero yami o saite
Kana shimu koto mo yume o miru koto mo
Owari wa shinai ON THE WAY

Omoi kasane yume o kasane hibi o kasane
Ase ni mamire namida korae chi o tagi rase

I wanna ROCKS
Mune ni ROCKS