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Official Announcement From Prodigy

Official Announcement Prodigy Infinitech

Prodigy Team would like to officially inform all shinobies about the game service transition, on this term related to “Anime Ninja”

Starting March 17th, 2014 all activities and operations in Anime Ninja will be handled by PlayWebGames as the new Official Management and NOT related to “Prodigy Infinitech” by any means.

- New Official Website : http://ninja.playwebgame.com
- Check out the PlaywebGame Portal : http://en.playwebgame.com
- Join the Anime Ninja Community : http://forum.playwebgame.com/en
- Gold Top Up : http://payment.playwebgame.com

This transition under PlayWebGames was meant to give all players NEW gaming experiences, FRESH excitement and GREATER service quality.

Last but not least, thank you so much for all shinobies who have gave their support to ProGamers.


NOTE: CherryCredits Payment doesn’t work because of this change. We will keep you updated! Please tell us if there’s another error in payment problem here: