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November Auction


Greetings Shinobies

November has come! We’re going to held a New Event, Auction. In this event we will post item rare and powerful item in Anime Ninja for sale.

Event Period :

5th November 16.00 (Server Time) – 7th November 15.59 (Server Time)

1.Login on the auction page. Don’t forget to set your nickname (nickname can be different from your character name/username).Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161028184239

2. To win the item, you need to bid the item using points.

QQ Photo20161028185147

3.You get point from top up. 1 point = 1$ = 50 Gold. So if you top up 2$ or 100 gold, you will get 2 Points.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161028184936

4. Lath player with the higheth bid will win the item. You can see the bidder lith on the right side

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161028184353

5. We will announce the winner on our Fanpage. So keep an eye there.

6. Rewards will be sent to winner by ingame mail.

Sage Jade Pendant
Chakra +5000
Set Bonus : Resist Chaos Rate 30%

So don’t miss this chance to get various powerful item in Anime Ninja for yourself!! Here’s the guide how to join the event