Notice on Fraudulent Sites and Account Theft

Dear Shinobi,

We have recently noticed people taking advantages of fraudulent sites and also the acts of coercing others to acquire player’s account and their information within the game. Please read the following notice carefully:

There are several methods for account theft to occur. Some people may create a personation of themselves as if they are an official affiliate to tell players the links of such sites within communities in the game and acquire player account information and password from those who log into their sites.

Another method is very much similar to identity theft. Several people have exploited the trust within their respective communities to damage and ‘hijack’ another’s account when their password was shared for a variety of reasons. Identity theft because then the person can impersonate the owner of the account and continue with their coercing others. We have never recommended nor do we condone the sharing of password, and thus it is at the player’s own risk that if passwords are shared, that it may lead to the damage of the account and even the loss of it. This is very much like sharing your bank’s PIN number.

Therefore, we hereby advise all players to be more aware of such sites that require you to provide your account information and also to not believe any information except from official announcements and notices. Please note to also not open any links given within the game and also private messages or mails to avoid unnecessary problems or losses. Any losses will not be restored.

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