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Notice for Recent Wrong Server Top-Up Issue

Dear Shinobies of Anime Ninja

Our team recently receives report of some of you who complained about “Wrong Server Top-Up”. Most of you complained directly to us, and sometimes, to our Payment Merchant.
With this letter, we would like to inform you that the “Wrong Server Top-Up” case wont be processed by both Anime Ninja Team and all our Payment Merchants.
And below, are reasons why we wont process it:

1. Anime Ninja Team have provided a very simple and easy way to Top-Up,
a. Go to our payment site (http://payment.playwebgame.com/
b. Login (use your PlayWebGame ID)
c. Confirm your email (if you havent)
d. Click [Charge]
e. Choose Game “Anime Ninja”
f. Choose Your Server
g. Choose your Payment Merchant.
h. You will be redirected to a micropage that requires your personal information and gives you the chance to make sure that all the steps above, done correctly.

2. If you mistakenly Top-Up to another server after the steps that we described above, we really cant do anything about it. The Gold has been registered to our system, it will be fatal to do any action to it.

3. After all the steps we described above, and you still mistakenly Top-Up to another server, it is purely a mistake made from users, so we need your help to read our EULA, it explains that any mistakes ther user has made to his/her own account, we will not do further action to provide an assistance.

Note: Please Top-Up carefully. For other Top-Up Issue, please contact our support on (http://support.playwebgame.com/en/)