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[New Update] True S.Ability

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The long awaited new update has arrived in Anime Ninja! This update will add a new feature, True S.Ability!! True S,Ability is a feature which expands your ability scroll even further and grant additional Growth Rate for your main character.

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Not just growth rate, True S.Ability will also grant your MC 6 new skills (through 3 different scrolls)

Unlike S Abilities, which have several places/ways to obtain, True S.Ability can only be obtain through Dungeons. Within the Dungeon, you can get True S.Ability from exploring, occupy and plunder.

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Now here are the things you need to know for True S.Ability and Dungeons

  • This function unlocks when players reach 1st RI.
  • Challenge the dungeon to receive Silvers and Awakened Abilities if you are lucky enough.
  • There are a total of 100 floors. First one to clear the floor will receive a First Clearance Reward.
  • There will be a boss every 10 floors. Defeat the boss to unlock occupy or challenge for training ground on that floor.
  • Different training ground levels provide different rewards. The higher the level, the better the rewards.
  • You can use Awaken S Ability on S. Ability function
  • Plunder other players’ practice platform to obtain 20% of the player’s current practice Awakened S. Abilities and occupy player’s practice floor


Player A occupy floor 1 with 200 Awk S Ability from practice. When player B plunder player A, he will get 40 Awk S Ability and occupy the floor. Player A will still receive 200 Awk S Ability but his practice is stopped.

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Dungeons is the place where you could get Awaken S.Ability. It works in similar way with Lost Tower, where you fight against enemy team each floor and when you reach 10th floor you will face a boss team.

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Every time you clear a floor you will get reward in silver or some Awaken S Abiltiy. If you’re the first player to clear it, you will get clearance reward.

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Similar to lost tower, you only need to clear each floor once and then you can use auto claim on the next day to get all obtainable reward (note: the auto claim process takes time between 1 – 5 minutes normally, during this time you cannot access other functions of dungeon.)

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Dungeons can only be auto claimed or clear once a day with 1 reset chance (cost 500 Gold)

Once you clear all stage on any floor, you can occupy the floor to gather Awaken S Ability. To begin occupy a floor, click on Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170619121737 and then click on occupy (or plunder if someone already occupy it first)

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Occupy requires 24 hours for maximum reward, you can see the maximum reward when hovering above the occupy button.

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If your occupy ends (either you got kicked by other player or you stop it yourself) you still get reward according to time spent

if someone else have occupy a floor before you, you can kick him/her out by plundering. When you do plunder, you will be fighting against player’s team who currently occupy the floor

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Should you win, you will get 20% of previous player’s current trained Awk S Ability & you will occupy the floor.

EX:Player A occupy floor 1 with 200 Awk S Ability from practice (max 288). When player B plunder player A, he will get 40 Awk S Ability and occupy the floor. Player A will still receive 200 Awk S Ability but his practice is stopped.

There are several important thing to remember about plunder and occupy:

  • Maximum chance for occupy and/or plunder 4 times a day.
  • If you got plundered there will be 30 minutes cool down before you can take it back
  • You can only occupy 1 floor. Thus you cannot plunder other player while you are occupying a floor

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Along with the update, you will gain access for another S Ability scrolls, starting from Earth Scroll then Heaven and finally Hollow scroll. These scrolls will require both Awaken S Ability & S Ability for unlocking each node.

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Also the skill you obtain from the Awaken Scrolls can be modified. You can increase it’s damage output or increase buff effect by using Awaken S Ability.