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New Server: Shukaku

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Shukaku, the one-tailed beast or “the manifestation of the Sand Spirit” is now here! The first and only one of the tailed beasts that can control physical properties instead of Chakra-based elements. Join now in Shukaku’s server where bloodlust reigns over Shinobies in a world full of never-ending battles in the Anime Ninja world!

Play now!

9th December 2013, 15:00 GMT +8.

Ready yourself and battle your rank to the top! Participate in Events and claim amazing rewards!

Simply login to http://ninja.playwebgame.com

If you found any Bugs & Errors, please immediately send a ticket at http://cs.prodigy.co.id/ with the appropriate details or through Facebook and the forums.

Anime Ninja Team

Arena Rank Event

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The Legendary Sannin Event

>> The Legendary Sannin Event <<

And join tons of exciting New Server Event Features

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