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The seven-tailed beast, Chomei the Nanabi has arrived in Anime Ninja! The happy go lucky Nanabi is an ever cheerful “insect” just like its Jinchuuriki. However, Chomei has fully armoured itself up in order to prepare and join the clash between ninjas in the Naruto world of Anime Ninja as every one is battling to be the best of the best! Join the adventure today to surpass the Hokage and also to be the best ninja ever!

Play now!

18th December 2013, 15:00 GMT +8.

Ready yourself and battle your rank to the top! Participate in Events and claim amazing rewards!

Do not miss the the extravagant new server bonuses. Be the best in Arena War and become the next Legendary Sannin, and claim all the extravagant rewards!

Simply login to http://ninja.playwebgame.com/

If you found any Bugs & Errors, please immediately send a ticket at http://support.playwebgame.com/en with the appropriate details or through Facebook and the forums.

Warm regards,
Anime Ninja Team

Arena Rank Event

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The Legendary Sannin Event

>> The Legendary Sannin Event <<

And join tons of exciting New Server Event Features

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