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Naruto and Hinata Love Story


The love story of Naruto and Hinata starts from childhood. Precisely started when Naruto help Hinata from Bullies. When helping Hinata, Naruto lost her scarf because it was destroyed by the bullies.

This moment is remembered by Hinata until they meet again in the first Chunin exam. In the exam, Naruto sat next to Hinata. Naruto is a bit stupid, so he having trouble doing the written exam. When she realize this problem, Hinata offer answers key for the test that is being done by Naruto. In the end, Naruto refuse to use Hinata answer key because Naruto afraid Hinata would get into trouble.


Once they pass the the first Chūnin exam, Naruto managed to beat Kiba. At other hand Hinata was constrained to face Neji. Neji was the son of the Hyuga family branch, so no matter how great he is, he would always end up as the main Hyuga family patron. Apparently this fate makes Neji had a grudge against Hinata. As a result, the battle Neji against Hinata running on the one side and very brutal. At the end of the match, Naruto vowed to defeat Neji on the final round with Hinata blood. Through great effort Naruto finally managed to fulfill his promise to Hinata to by defeat Neji in the final round. Time flies so fast until the battle against Akatsuki.

Until this moment they feeling are not clearly delineated, until finally Naruto duel one on one with Pain and get overwrought. Seeing desperately on the state of Naruto, Hinata went straight to the battlefield without regard to his friends warning.

When Naruto saw Hinata coming, Naruto not happy he want drive out Hinata. Pain is a very serious threat that can’t be countered with Hinata alone. Hinata refuse Naruto orders, because this time he was not afraid of death and she declared her feeling for Naruto. Although managed to land a few blows, Hinata almost died at the hands of Pain. Seeing this, Naruto instantly berserk and turned into a six-tailed Kyūbi and keep increasing until nine tails appeared.


After his awake from the Kyubi form, Naruto find out the state of the Hinata chakras very weak. It turned out Hinata its safe and fine, right now she being treated by Sakura. Naruto and Hinata love is getting shown in the fourth ninja world war.

Remember the story of the red scarf in the beginning of the article? Hinata still save the rest of the scarf and intended to mimic it as a symbol of love for Naruto. In the era after Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto gained popularity as the savior of the ninja world. This popularity makes Naruto surrounded by fans, including young girls. Hinata who in love with Naruto very jealous with the situations. On the other side, Naruto less serious with Hinata feeling.


Naruto finally remembered Hinata feelings when he went into the lake of memory with Hinata when they do Hanabi rescue mission. In lake of memorys Hinata red scarf accidentally twisted Naruto, so Naruto could see the memory of Hinata. On that moment Naruto realize Hinata love him since a long time ago.

Toneri is also targeting Hinata, so he asks Hinata directly to marry him. Hinata initially refused, but for the sake Hanabi safety, Hinata accept the offer, although not well said to Toneri. In the forest full of fireflies, Toneri finally came to Hinata and seek the answers. With the griev, Hinata handed a red scarf to Naruto and go along with Toneri. Seeing this, Naruto immediately pursue with Sai’s ink birds. He shouting to give Hinata back. Toneri casually say this is Hinata willingness. Toneri beat Naruto until unconscious. In unconscious state, Naruto mourn Hinata name, on the other hand Hinata also dreamed about Naruto only.


In the battle against Toneri Hinata finally united with Naruto and get her first kiss in front of the moon. At the end Naruto and Hinata is married and gave birth to two children, Baruto and Himawari.