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Greetings Shinobies

Here are the details on events that active from 9th – 14th July 2017


Event Rules:

1. During the event, top up to get 10% gold bonus. The more you top up, the more bonus you will get;

2.Bonus gold doesn`t count in VIP cumulative top-up;

3.This event doesn`t overlap with the new server first-time top up event, which means you can obtain bonus for both events if you meet the requirement.

Example: If you top up 2,000 gold for the first time in the newly opened server, your bonus will be 200 gold (the 10% bonus for your first-time top-up)+ 200 gold (the 10% bonus for this event), and you will get 2400 gold in total.

Rewards: Bonus gold will be sent to your mailbox after you top-up. Please remember to check your mailbox in time.


Event Detail: Top up during the event to win bonus gold as well as more rewards!

Event Rules:

1. Top up in one attempt as required to get reward;

2.You can`t get rewards set for other amounts of top-up.

3.You can get rewards repeatedly if you top up multiple times;

4. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards in time.

Rewards are sent instantly after you top up.


Event Detail: During the event, top up to win gold bonus and premium gifts if your total amount of top-up reaches the requirement.

Event Rules:

1.Rewards can be stacked.

Example: Player A top up 400 gold, and can get a gift pack for topping up 400 gold*1; then A top up 800 more gold and can get gift pack for topping up 800 gold*1; so A receives a gift pack for topping up a total of 1200 gold*1.

2.Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards in time.

Rewards are sent instantly after you top up.


Event Detail:

1. Top up Gold every day to get extra rebate. The rebate increases with the gold you top up;

2. Top up for continuously 5 days to get extra 5% of the total top-up Gold;

3. Players can claim the Gold rebate on the event panel on day 6 since the event starts. Please remember to claim it;

4. The giveaway Gold won’t be counted in the VIP EXP and other events;

5. Players who fail to top up for continuously 5 days won’t get the extra 5% bonus;

6. You will find the event on the Toad Wallet.


Event Rules:

1. 10 gold=1 scratch point. You can claim 50 scratch points every day.

2. Top up cumulatively can receive scratch bonus.

3. Start Happy Scratch will cost scratch points.

4. Rewards will be sent into your bag directly.


Event Detail:

During the event, top up the required amount of Gold to purchase limited time only discounted items. Some items are even free to claim.

Note: The items are sold in a limited amount. It’s on a First Come, First Serve basis. Each type of item is limited to buy/claim once. Coupons cannot be used to buy gift packs.


Event Rules:
1. During the event, top-up as required will receive a free reward everyday.

2. Limited gift packs are also available. Each level of gift packs can only be bought/claimed once.

3. Daily top-up reward and gift packs are updated everyday at 00:00.


Event Detail:

Juubi Soul is now hiding in your gold coins! Soul reviewed again! Any consumption of gold or coupon will release the Soul of Juubi! Each gold and coupon you spend will give 1 Tailed Beast Soul which will automatically change into Soul of Juubi. When you had met the requirement of the Summoned Beast, they will send you mail to give you their reward for you.

When you have enough Juubi Souls, you may receive the wonderful reward from Juubi by activating them!

Event Rules:

1) Each Gold/Coupon players spend during the event can get you 1 Tailed Beast Soul.
2) Each tailed beast you collect will give you coupons.
3) Tailed Beast’s souls collected will automatically turn into Juubi Souls.
4) When Juubi Souls meet the requirement to light the 10-Tails Chest, it will light itself.  
5) You can claim 10-Tails Chest when reach the soul requirement glimmers.


Event Rules:

1.Buy diamond VIP according to your VIP level(Diamond VIP lower than your current VIP level can be bought);

2.You can only buy Diamond VIP once during the event;

3.After purchase, you can claim Diamond VIP rewards once a day. Rewards are reset at 24:00. Every Diamond VIP can claim VIP rewards 5 times;

4.Event icon will be kept for 5 days after the event ends. Diamond VIP can’t be bought any more but you can still claim your rewards during this period of time;

5. You won’t be able to claim rewards any more when the event icon is removed and no compensation will be made;


Event Detail:
1.Players can buy purchase with gold or coupons with a discounted price;
2.When the quantity of goods or individual purchase amount is 0, purchase is not allowed.

I. Level Up for Fabulous Gifts


1. Purchase gift pack will only cost gold;

2. You can get tons of items from a default gift pack and will be able to obtain more gift packs;

3. All gift packs have level restrictions;

4. You can only buy gift packs for each level once.

II. Growth Fund Special Offer


1. Purchase fund will only cost gold;

2. You can only buy one type of funds so please choose carefully;

3. A growth fund gift pack which is only available after purchasing a fund will be sent to you;

4. Coupons will be sent at 00:30 via mail in 30 installments.

III. Invest and Explore Wealth


1. Invest in five countries only cost gold;

2. Bonus can be obtained from investing on coupons;

3. Investable countries will be unlocked in the following order: Wind→Water→Earth→Lightning→Fire);

4. Each country can only be invested once.


Event Rules:
1. Top up 500 gold to activate the Slot Machine.

2. After the Slot Machine is activated, each chance to play the Slot Machine needs to consume Gold. When attempts end, Gold obtained will be returned.

3. There are limited attempts to play the Slot Machine. After the attempts are used up, you will be unable to play and receive Gold.


Event Detail:

1.Players can check in on the event panel.

2. Players can also perform Late Check-ins. The order of Late Check-ins is the same with that of check-ins.

3. VIPs can check in to receive the corresponding double rewards.

4. Player can only perform the Late Check-in with Gold.

 5. Spend 2,000 Gold to activate the Super Fund which will return players Gold and items 20 times.

  • Returns will be sent by mail.
  • The first return will be sent to players immediately once it is activated.
  • The other 19 returns will be sent at 00:30 daily