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Merge Server 3rd August


Greetings Shinobies!

As many of you have requested, we’re going to have some server merged, For this time, server merge will be done on August 3rd 2017 – 14.00 GMT +8/Server time. Here are the list of servers being merge:

s189 & s192

s204 & s213

s247 & s248

s249 & s250

s251 & s252

For those whose stay on servers that have not been merge or wish to be merge again, please be patient as we always consider merging servers, both old and new servers. We will also be giving compensation for those who log in for last 3 days on servers that being merge.

We also will reset some ranking in the both server, like :

1). Arena Rank
2). Realm Report
3). Battle Point Rank
4). Konoha Conquest Rank
5). Konoha Defense Rank
6). Top Kage`s History Report

Note : Merge Server will not delete anything in your inventory or your mail and also didn’t change your VIP Level or Gold

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s189 & s192s204 & s213s247 & s248s249 & s250s251 & s252