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March 5th Version Update


Greetings Shinobies

So the long awaited Version Update is finally here. This new version will improve 2 old features and add 1 new features. Here are the details:

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  1. This function opens when the main character reaches level 90.
  2. Ultimate Challenges open from 06.00 – 23.00 (GMT+8/Game Server Time)You have 3 free challenge chances per day. You can use Gold to buy a maximum of 10 challenge chances.
  3. Different number of challenge attempts offer different rewards.
  4. You will receive rewards based on your challenge ranking. If you are on the daily ranking and weekly ranking list, you will receive lots of Silver and Coupons.
  5. You can get collectibles after the challenge. Collectibles can be used to redeem items, gear, accessories and ninja in Ultimate Challenge.
  6. The Ultimate Challenge resets at 00:00 the next day.

2 New Ninjas are available in Ninja Club

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  1. Added Susanoo  Madara and Reanimated  Hashirama in Ninja Club.
  2. Newly added ninjas can be redeemed by using Recruit Proof (RI).
  3. Recruit Proof (RI) can be acquired from treasure map and shop.

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Increased the max number of ninjas can be stored in Ninja Hotel. You can store up to 40 Ninjas in Hotel now

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Now the Enchant Stone, Feather Crystal, Fairy, Jinchuriki Promotion Pill, Jinchuriki Practice Pill can be devoured for Potency and save more bag space.