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Maintenance Notice 20th October 2014

Dear Shinobies,

As we have noticed before, we are performing a server maintenance on 20th of October 2014.
We have heard all the issues on the forum, on the fanpage, and on our support tickets, we might have answered some of your complaints about the game being too laggy, oftenly disconnected and else. For the past few days we have been focusing on how to improve our servers to put some pressures onto the connectivity issues hopefully, to completely remove all these lags and disconnections issue.

It is not easy to do that, cause our shinobies are from all over the world and each of them have different connectivity issues all the time, it feels like in the manga, where all ninja countries united to stop the God’s Tree summoned by Kaguya.

But no matter how hard and how long it will take us, as long as we stand united as one, Anime Ninja can overcome these enemies.

Please bear with us, Shinobi of Anime Ninja!