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Greetings Shinobies

Check your horoscope and get ready for a special event!! If you’re feeling lucky then you should join this event. For this week, we’re going to choose 10 player to be Lucky Shinobies of the week!!

So how do we select them? Well.. whenever you do top up, your name will be put into entry. After event ends we will select 10 of the entries to be the winner!! You can check the rules below for more details.

This event will run from:

10 Jan 2017 (20.00 GMT+8/Game Server Time) 


12 Jan 2017 (20.00 GMT+8/Game Server Time)

And here are the rules and reward list

  1. Recharge ANY amount to enter the event
  2. Once enter, your transaction will be recorded by system
  3. 10 Players will be randomly selected by system to be winner
  4. There is a special reward for winner who fulfill certain requirement
  5. winner will be announced on our fanpage

Each Lucky Winner will receive:

Lv 4 Jade Pack

contains all Lv 4 Jade (except Fury Jade)

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161216175636

For those winner who do single top up as the following will get extra reward:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170110142844

For those winner who reach total top up as the following will receive this reward:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170110145903

Now if you’re feeling lucky, time test it and get great reward out of it!!!