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Lets Celebrate our 1st Anniversary!!


Thank you for your hardwork, dedication, loyalty and support on Anime Ninja, its been a year since Anime Ninja runs for the first time. We’ve been through alot of things, Victory, Defeat, doesnt matter, we keep pushing forward, thats all that matters.
To Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Anime Ninja, we will held a series of events that will be launched periodically.

Online Naruto Game
Duration: 26th of September 2014 – 10th of October 2014

Platform: Facebook Fanpage

1. Anime Ninja Team will post a picture in our Fanpage.

2. Shinobies have to,
a. Like the post
b. Share the Post
c. Comment the post

3. The comment should be using the specified form

1st Line: Happy Birthday Anime Ninja!
2nd Line: [IGN]
3rd Line: [Server]
4th Line: How I Met Anime Ninja
5th Line: Memorable Moments in Anime Ninja
6th Line: Your wish for Anime Ninja.


Happy Birthday Anime Ninja!
[S 2]
How i Met Anime Ninja: I saw it on my friend’s timeline
Memorable Moments: When i recruited my first ninja
My Wish: To be better in the future.

Rewards and Conditions:

- Every 500 Shares we will pick 10 Lucky Winners.
- Each winner will get 2000 Coupons
- Coupons will be sent within 3×24 Hours after the shares reaches 500 Shares.
- Winners will be picked randomly, judged by the Like, Share and Comments.
- Shinobies needs to share the post to their own timeline Publicly.
- Tagging friends in the comments gets extra chances.

Coming Soon

(Before) 26th September – 10th October 2014.
(After) 30th September – 13th October 2014.
Rewards: 1 Gift Codes / Account.


How To:
1. Go to http://goo.gl/4KcJt8
2. Login and Spin the Wheel
3. Refresh the page and the code will appear in the login box.
4. Claim it in the game using the Gift Code feature.
5. There are 7 Kind of Gift Codes in the Wheel which is set to random.
6. Though you can only spin once for each account, you are allowed to register a new account just to claim a code to be claimed by your main account.
7. Screenshot several steps if you want, just in case if errors or glitches occurs.

Duration: 27th of September – 2nd of October 2014
Platform: Ingame

When usually our shinobies only receive 10% Gold Bonus after top-up.
Special for tonight, on 27th September 2014 up until 2nd of October 2014, we will give another extra 10%.
The extra 10% will be sent 3×24 hours after the event ends through your ingame mail.
Get Ready!