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Katsuyu of Shikkotsu Forest

Greetings Shinobies


Today we will be learning about another famous sanin’s summon, Katsuyu. Katsuyu (カツユ, Katsuyu) is a resident of the Shikkotsu Forest and the personal summon of Tsunade and Sakura Haruno. Compared to Gamabunta and Manda, the summons of Jiraiya and Orochimaru respectively, Katsuyu is quiet and more subservient to its master. It addresses Tsunade with the highly respectful honourific “-sama”. Katsuyu tends to also use honourifics like “-kun” and “-san” on other villagers. Sakura and Shizune show it considerable respect, addressing it as “Katsuyu-sama”. Katsuyu is also shown to have a playful side and a jovial friendship with Tsunade


Katsuyu is an enormous entity whose true size is unknown. In fact, unlike other summons which may be multiple in number as well as vary in size, the slugs summoned by Sakura and Tsunade are all in fact portions of the same entity. The general size of the summoned portion of Katsuyu is easily as tall as the largest building in Konoha. It is predominantly white in colour with three blue streaks that run vertically down the middle and side of its body from its head and tapering off at its tail. Its optical tentacles have a slight tint of grey to them and it also has two sensory tentacles on either side of its mouth.


Offensively, Katsuyu can spit acid using its Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid technique, which is strong enough to melt through rock with ease. With its Slug Great Division, Katsuyu can divide itself into smaller clones to evade attacks or to serve small scale functions, and is capable of quickly reforming itself if need be. Katsuyu’s clones can attach themselves to injured people, allowing its summoner to channel their chakra through it to heal the injured person. Katsuyu’s clones can also telepathically share information with each other which allows the slug to serve other supplementary purposes when divided such as gathering and dispensing information. Katsuyu could also put Tsunade’s bisected form back together. Furthermore, due to its genetic and physical make up, Katsuyu is extremely resistant to damage, as shown how her action during Pain/Nagato’s invasion on Konoha.


Due to its ability to divide, a summoner is able to separately summon her divisions so portions of Katsuyu can be in more than one place at any given time. Also due to this physical make up, the slug is able to alter its bodily form and is able to deconstruct entirely into nothing more than a pool of body fluids. This does not render it incapacitated and Katsuyu is still able to function just as it would if it were corporeal. Katsuyu has also noted that its power is directly tied in to that of its summoner