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June 3rd Weekend Sale


Greetings Shinobies

The 3rd June Weekend sale is now available!! During this weekend sale you can little coupon pack for extra coupons also the potency gift pack for you to help raising your potency levels. We will also holding lucky Ninja for this where you can get additional Coupons if you’re lucky.  So for this weekend we’ll be holding 3 events:

  • 1 Day sale (two times)
  • Weekend Sale
  • Lucky Shinobies

Also for this weekend (17th – 19th June), first 5 players who reach total of 500 Gold Top up , will get Ninja Treasure as reward!! And now here are the event details

  • User need to top up 100 Gold within time periode.
  • Event start from 17th June 20.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 19th June 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  • Players can only get item ONCE
  • Claim your bonus Here:: Weekend Sale
  • User need to top up 100 Gold within time periode.
  • Event start from 16th June 20.00 - 17th June 19.5919th June 20.0020th June 19.59 (Game Server Time)
  • Players can only get item ONCE
  • Claim your bonus Here:: One Day Sale
  1. Recharge ANY amount to enter the event. Event will run from 16th June 00.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 20th June 23.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  2. Once enter, your transaction will be recorded by system
  3. 7 Players will be randomly selected by system to be winner
  4. There is a special reward for winner who fulfill certain requirement
  5. winner will be announced on our fanpage

17th June 20.00  until 18th June 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)

Adv potency pill 25, Leap Rune stone 20 & Little Coupon Pack

Leap Rune Stone 50 Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170616172025a

18th June 20.00 until 19th June 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)

S Weapon Enc Talisman 20, Lv 5 Jade Box*2, Little Coupon Pack

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161125184448 lv 5 jade boxa

16th June 20.00  17th June 19.59 (GMT+8/Game Server Time)

General Recruit Proof 5 & Red Ninja Soul 25

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170616172313Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170512154344

19th June 20.00   20th June 19.59 (GMT+8/Game Server Time)

Big Potency Pill 50 & Super Potency Pill 10

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170407162732 Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161125181759

Each Lucky Winner will receive:

Little Coupon pack *2

Contains 200 – 500 Coupons


For those winner who reach total top up as the following will receive this reward:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170217181406