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January Feature Update, Bug Fix and Optimization

New Function Description:

1.     Realm

a)     2 new stages will be added in Realm (Enter level: 110 and 1Rl Lv.1) Both stage will RANDOMLY give you S weapon quality 5 – 7 

2.     Forbidden Jutsu Lab

Function Description:

a)      A new stage will be added in Forbidden Jutsu Lab — Forbidden Jutsu of Pneuma, there’s 30 progresses in it, need to pass the Forbidden Jutsu of the Spirit first, first 15 progresses allow 1Rl Lv.1 players to challenge, last 15 progresses allow 2Rl. Lv.1 players to challenge.

b)     Add new item – Jade of Pneuma in Forbidden Jutsu Lab, it drops in every progress ofForbidden Jutsu of Pneuma.

c)      New Forbidden Jutsu will be added, which can use Jade of or Jade of

Pneuma or Jade of Sage to practice and can add all forces HP.

Daily Task

The reward in Daily Task will be optimized, add daily task rewards from 2

level phases(Lv90-Lv109 and Lv110-2Rl Lv.50)


Optimizing and BUG fixing:

  1. The description words in Jade Exchange in Forbidden Jutsu Lab will be optimized
  2. The portrait display problem in Forbidden Jutsu Practice window will be optimized (remove the portrait display window)
  3. Daily Task optimized, 50 Raging Janken amount will be counted in Road to Hokage
  4. The picture resources in Ramen Shop will be optimized (lack of “own Clan” words)
  5. A time reminder of purchase limit will be added when purchasing Kaguya Power
  6. Add a reminder when player challenging in Trials in every stage: Better challenge it with XXX BP.
  7. The bag slot expanding with online time will be optimized, meet the time requirment there’s a highlight reminder.
  8. The loading time when challenging in Arena will be optimized.