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How To: Daily Task


Greetings Shinobies

In this guide we will be discussing about Daily Task. It’s something that everybody will do almost all the time when they log in and play because it’s easy and very rewarding.

Daily task is actually simple, do 10 task which you can choose which type you want to do and get rewarded according the point you collect. The catch for this is that the final reward, General Recruit Proof.

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It need at least 150 point to obtain. Since you only have 10 task, by simple math that can be done by having 150 / 10 = 15 point per task. But the fact is the highest point from a task is 6. So… how do you do it?

Here’s the tips for getting 150 Points on daily task along with the basics

Here are the basic about daily task that you should know

  • Daily task is available once you hit lv 31 or 32
  • You can complete 10 quest/task everyday for rewards.
  • Finishing task will give silvers and point as reward. Point will be accumulated for extra reward calculation and will be reset at midnight.
  • There are 4 tier of task/quest, each with different silvers and point reward.
  • Task/quest also divided into 8 type. You can check the types on ‘Task’ tab
  • If you don’t see suitable task, you can refresh the task by using Refresh Card or 10 Gold/Coupons
  • You can use gold or coupon to immediately complete a task you take, 10 Gold or coupon for immediate completion of the task.
  • Alternatively you can use 300 gold or coupon to complete all 10 task with maximum point as result (155). This can only be done if you haven’t complete any task.

Task/quest in Daily task is separated by 8 Type and 4 Tier. There is also a Target Task. But let’s start from task type. Like we mention before, task/quest is divided by 8 types:

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  • Realms - Challenge the Realms (Winning is not required to trigger)

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  • Clear Stage - Do missions (Either manually or through auto-battle)

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  • Refine Ninja Tool - Refine your Equipment

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  • Arena - Engage in arena battles

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  • Janken - Play Janken at the Tavern

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  • Fortify Ninja Tool –  Fortify your Equipment

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  • Boost Summoned Beast - Boost your Summon (Either through silver, gold or scroll)Spend Gold or Coupons Twice 

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  • Double Reward- Spend Gold or Coupons Twice

Next is task tier. There are 4 tiers of each type of task:

  • White - 1 time. Reward is 2 points and 10000 silver
  • Green - 2 times. Reward is 3 points and 20000 silver
  • Blue - 3 times. Reward is 4 points and 30000 silver
  • Purple - 4 times. Reward is 6 points and 40000 silver
  • Special tier, Gold - Spend gold 2 times. Reward is 6 points and 50000 silver

And finally Target task is basically recommendation which task type you could get

Should you complete tasks listed there, you will get extra point reward. There will be 3 different set of Target Task.

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The 1st will have 1 task to complete with extra 20 points as reward

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The 2nd will have 2 tasks to complete with extra 30 points as reward

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The 3rd will have 3 task to complete with extra 45 point as reward

Completing ALL target task AND the gold task is not compulsory but it will help a lot in achieving 150 points a day

As we mention before, completing task will give you silvers and points. The points you obtain will be accumulated and later used as basis for bonus item reward. The items you can obtain will change in accordance to your level. Here are the list of items you can get on which level:

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As you can see, to obtain all reward item, you will need 150 points. To do so, here are some possible combination of quest completion you can do. Note you also MUST complete all the target task

  • 7 purple, 1 blue, 1 green and a gold reward (grant 150 points)
  • Or 7 purple 2 blue and a gold for 151 points.
  • Or 8 purple 1 white or 1 green and a gold for 151 points.
  • Or 9 purple and a gold for 155 points.

Here are some tips about daily task:

  1. Gold task should be taken whenever possible. The cheapest way to spend this is by making ramen on ramen shop which cost 2 and then 4 coupons
  2. If you’re short on silvers and have fortify in list then you could use  0 + equipment to complete it.
  3. You don’t need to win on realm or on arena to complete the task (although it’s nice if you do win)
  4. Same on fortify, Janken can be done at lower level tavern too to save silvers.
  5. It is recommended to take a quest/task first before doing other activities. Especially realms and arena.