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History of Samurai

Greetings Shinobies

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Today we finally manage to meet Mifune-dono and learn a small portion of Samurai’s history. Mifune-dono himself say that the history of Samurai is extremely long and even then some parts are lost within time.


We all know that Samurai (侍) are the guardians and military power of the Land of Iron and there are very little information about them, although grandpa Ōnoki,  the Third Tsuchikage, indicates that any shinobi would be foolish to challenge the military of the Land of Iron. Their current general is Mifune-dono. The Land of Iron is the only known power in the modern world which continues to use samurai, as Hanzō-dono alluded to that in the past, even in his time they were being used less and less, being replaced by shinobies, ninjutsu, and ninja villages.


Samurais are usually seen adorned in heavy, segmented plate-armour that covers the shouders, chest, upper back, lower sides, and thighs. They also wear gauntlets, shin guards, helmets and face masks that are designed to act like respirators to combat poison regularly used by shinobi, and to communicate using inbuilt radios. Senior officers having short horns atop of their helmets to identify themselves. In combat they are armed with swords but the scabbards of these are instead mounted directly onto their faulds. However, the number of blades worn by a single warrior is also unusual, going as high as four, in spite of the fact that they have never been observed using more than two at a time in combat, which could probably mean they are kept as spares in case they break in the heat of battle.


Samurais are primarily sword-users. But they are capable of utilising chakra, by channelling it through their swords similar to Asuma’s chakra blade and Sasuke’s chidori on Kusanagi sword. This allows them to extend the reach of their swords as well as attack at a distance by swinging them and releasing crescents of energy at their targets. The samurai have also shown form manipulation, as the chakra blades they form into many types, such as buzz-saws, broad swords, and axes. One of the forms of kenjutsu they use is Iaidō (居合道) which, due to the extremely quick drawing and re-sheathing of the katana, makes ninjutsu near useless, as the process of performing hand seals is overwhelmed by the speed and execution of this form of swordsmanship.