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[Guides] Special Armed Organization


Greetings Shinobies

As you have known, in Anime Ninja there are some para-military organization such as Akatsuki and Roots. Though some are legitimately approve by the country or the village they belongs, some are casually formed or even law breaking organization.


The members of these groups are mostly elite ninjas. Some even of the chart. Of course if you manage to spread your name in Shinobi World, they may be interested to join you. But there are times when they join you opposition instead. So are you screw up? NO!!

guild 1

Each village now allow the creation of ‘Guild’ and will provide them with special training grounds and facilities for it’s members. The Guild will also receive a seed of chakra tree that once blossom and have fruits will grant you lots of powerful items or boons.

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Once you join a guild, you will be given access to the barracks for further train your skills. You can also participate in Konoha Conquest event that will reward you lots of stuff (from silvers, exp, coupons and the potency pills) and Konoha Defense which also reward you with stuffs.Konoha conquest is an important event. It’s where all guild in Anime Ninja compete in 1 vs 1 battle to decide the strongest among them.

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Then comes the chakra tree. At first chakra tree won’t give much reward but once you get it to grow…. Of course the tree won’t grow that easy. Unlike other trees, the chakra tree require chakra to actually grow and provide fruits. Each members can give a bit of their chakra to help it grows. So the more active members, the faster the grow, and the better the fruit reward will be.

To sum it up guild will grant you these benefits:

  • access to konoha conquest & konoha defense
  • access to barrack to further improve your skill
  • access to treasure tree for various rewards