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[Guide] Yggdrasil

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The new feature, Yggdrasil, have arrive on Anime Ninja since 20th November 2017. This feature can be accessed from 2 Ri Lv 20. Yggdrasil will allow you to gather Exp without the necessity to stay online inside the game!! Exp gained from Yggdrasil will be distributed for your main character and active team member (ninja that is in formation)

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Yggdrasil also have level. You can raise it’s level by giving it energy through exp gathering or buying rain/watering. You can get item rewards for every 10 Lv increase on Yggdrasil.These reward can only be claimed once but they have no time limit.

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To gather EXP simply click on Unnamed QQ Screenshot20171121151533 button. You will begin gathering exp after doing so. The exp you gather can be increased by the following method

  • Stay Online will grant you 20% exp bonus. You can close the game to gather exp but this buff will not activated.
  • VIP level
  • Kaguya Power
  • Gold Buff.  By Buying buff before you start gathering, you can receive additional EXP up to 50% bonus. Buff cost 200 Gold for 1 hour and coupon cannot be used.

While gathering EXP there is a chance for you to get coupons, adventure tickets or silvers.

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There are several things you should remember:

  • You can also close the game while gathering but the limit of gathering is 72 Hours. After that no additional exp will be gained.
  • You cannot close the Yggdrasil window while exp gathering. So joining beast or rebel or starting ninja crusade is not possible. Furthermore, no notifications regarding activity starting.
  • You can do Doll Adventure however.