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Guide: Ultimate Challenge



Greetings Shinobies

On March 5th, a new Update is implemented on Anime Ninja. The update includes a new feature, Ultimate Challenge. Inside Ultimate Challenge you will be facing Armoured Form Susanoo. More specifically, Sasuke’s Armoured Susanoo.

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There are few things you should know about Ultimate Challenge:

  1. Ultimate Challenge only available from 06.00 – 23.00 (Game Server Time/GMT+8)
  2. Everyday you can challenge Susanoo 3 times. Should you wish to challenge it more than 3 times, you can purchase extra chances with gold (Max +10 additional challenge. Total of 13 challenges can be done each day)
  3. Susanoo CANNOT DIE. So your weekly rank will be based on how much damage you dealt to him until either your team wiped or time out
  4. You can only fight Susanoo using ninjas on Recommended list. See Recommended Ninja tabv for more details
  5. There are 2 kinds of reward you can get from Ultimate Challenge, daily and weekly. See the Reward tab for more details
  6. Evil shard you get as reward can be used to redeem items, gears, accessories or even ninjas.See Shop tab for more details

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As we mentioned before, Susanoo cannot die. It has unlimited HP. So you can think him as a punching bag (it should be noted that he WILL hit back of course. and painful while at it).

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But this doesn’t mean you can just use some top tier ninjas (reanimated hashirama, susanoo madara, pain & konan, sakura&sasuke, also madara obito) to waltz in. No, it doesn’t work that way. As you can see, ninja that can be used will be highlighted, put on front row and even have buttons to recall from hotel (if you put them on hotel). While those you can’t use will be grayed out.

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You can only bring ninjas that is included in ‘Recommended list’. This list changes everyday but it always include both event ninjas and feature ninjas (ninjas from tavern, club etc).

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You can change your team members along their equipment on Formation window in Ultimate Challenge.

There are 2 kind of rewards you can get from Ultimate Challenge, daily and weekly.

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Daily rewards can be claimed immediately and the rewards are based on how many challenge you’ve done that day. The more challenge you do, the better the reward will be.

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Weekly reward is based on how high your damage ranking. Unlike daily rewards, weekly rewards will automatically sent to your mail on every Sunday 23.30.

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When you claim daily or weekly rewards, you’ll be asking ‘what is this Evil Shards do?’. Evil Shards is a special currency/tokens that can be used to redeem/trade items, gears, accessories and/or ninjas on Ultimate Challenge.


That’s all for Ultimate Challenge guides. A last bit of advice, even if you don’t have any ninja on the list keep doing the challenges. since daily rewards is based on number of challenges not damage while weekly will also get increase despite being small.