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Guide Trials

Greetings Shinobies,


Today we will be looking at one of our recently added feature, the Trials. Unlike most other feature where shinobies get a boost for their stats, Trials function as support feature. The main function of Trials is to help player to get materials who using for making equipment.

Fortify 1

To access Trials, shinobies need to reach level 20. You can find Trials function on the function Trials.

Trial 4

There is 4 level of Trial you can entering for every day, Genin ( Level 30 Materials ), Akatsuki ( Level 50 Materials ), Kage ( Level 70 Materials ), Warlord ( Level 80 Materials ). Beside that you only can entering trial 4 times for each day ( Normal ).

Trial 3

Note : There is minimun “suggestion” battle point on trial, you can use this as a comparison for your power and level of trial that you can enter.