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[Guide] Treasure Hunt

Greetings Shinobies

treasure hunt

Who doesn’t like treasure? well it depends on what ‘treasure’ is of course but we love them don’t we? So today we will be going through on the treasure hunt feature. The treasure hunt feature is available from early level (level 30) and it’s very useful since it will reward player with recruit proof, potency pills and of course silvers.

treasure hunt 3

So to begin with, you must choose place where do you want to hunt for treasure. To open a new location it will cost you 1000 silvers for 5 times. After you use the silvers chance you can still open new location by paying 10 golds/coupons each time up to 10 times. In addition you can pay 100 Golds so you can enter daimyo tomb, 2nd best map there is, immediately (and then use silvers/golds/coupons to open golem treasure map).

Treasure hunt 1


Reward for each map varies in term of silver amount and item quality. But it doesn’t mean early maps are useless since you may need the recruit proof from early maps.

treasure hunt 2

Once you have decide on the map, you can shorten your hunting time by pressing space bar when the arrow reach red area. If you success, the hunting time will be reduced by 5 minutes.

treasure hunt 4

Also if you have excess low quality recruit proof you can trade them for higher quality proof (5 lower quality for 1 higher quality)

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And finally you can ‘rob’ other shinobies while they’re treasure hunting. The reward quality depends on their current treasure hunting location of course. ‘Rob’-ing a shinobi will grant you small amount of silvers and few potency pills and there is a limit on how many times you can ‘rob’ a person (max 2 times for 1 person and 4 ‘rob’ chance each day).